The young people at Prior's Court need to have a variety of meaningful trips out into the community, ranging from fun trips to visit attractions or historical sites, to more practical trips to the shop to teach valuable skills. 

One such trip was undertaken by Dylan, one of the young people at our autism residential special school, with his members of staff. Dylan was taken to Tesco and supported to buy essentials such as toothpaste, soap, and food for the rest of his house - this included interacting with Tesco staff to pay for the items, which is itself a learning opportunity. He was then supported to visit nearby McDonald's for some lunch, where he coped extremely well with the busy environment for an extended period and a walk around Greenham Common in the fresh air. 

Dylan loves to go out on trips into the community but they can occasionally cause him anxiety, so his staff members support him as much as they can to ensure they go out at less busy times so Dylan can shop and eat without the added anxiety of large crowds.