Students can achieve accreditation at all levels through ASDAN - a charity, curriculum development organisation and awarding body offering qualifications to grow skills for learning, skills for employment and skills for life regardless of ability.

Accreditation pathway Potential pathway: year 11 ASDAN credits achieved 2015-16 ASDAN assessment example

Life Skills Challenges (pre-Entry L1 – Entry L3):

Life Skills Challenges offer those entering post-16 a range of short topic based activities to demonstrate achievement in a range of curriculum areas that are important for success in adult life.

Personal Progress (Entry Level 1):

This program offers a wide range of units for the learner to select; curriculum, life skills, developing employment skills and leisure activities. Although all units are aimed at Entry level 1 each unit spans a wide range of achievement; from the ability to encounter new experiences to the ability to apply basic skills, knowledge and understanding to a range of familiar experiences.

Workright (Entry Level 1):

This accreditation provides a framework to develop a range of basic transferable employment skills. Learners undertaking this accreditation need a work placement.

Employability (Entry Level 2 and 3):

This qualification focuses on preparation for employment and work-related learning. All units reflect the ability to make use of skills knowledge and understanding to carry out simple familiar tasks in the work place environment. All learner’s undertaking this qualification need to have access to a work placement.

Personal and Social Development (Entry Level 1, 2 and 3)

This qualification pathway offers formal accreditation for learners developing their confidence physically, emotionally and socially, to become responsible citizens to the society in which they live. Learners develop early skills of managing their own wellbeing, whilst undertaking new activities and personal challenges.

Diploma in Life Skills (Entry Level 1, 2 and 3)

The Diploma in Life Skills is based around the development of personal, social and employability skills. Each level is made up of units that can be APL from other qualifications at the same level (Personal Progress, Employability, Personal and Social Development).


In 2014-15 our students achieved more qualifications and at even higher levels than ever before, doubling the number of credits accumulated within the national ASDAN award scheme.

2015-16 sees a 31% increase in the total number of credits achieved compared with the previous year and a 100% improvement on student’s achieving a Diploma Qualification; the highest award in ASDAN Personal Progress.

Overall in the academic year 2015-16, there is an increase of 9% for credits, certificates and diplomas achieved in ASDAN Personal Progress compared with last year (this is a 33% improvement on 2013-2014).

This is also the first year that students have been awarded credits and awards in ASDAN PSD (EL1): 10 credits including 1 Award Qualification; and Employability (EL2) 10 credits including 1 Award Qualification.

When students move into year 11, they are given an accreditation pathway to suit their individual skills and strengths which allows them to gain qualifications to take them into the next stage of their lives.