Prior's Court has been life changing for us all.

Our mission is to bring the highest level of expertise to support young people severely affected by autism, enabling progress in all areas of their lives and enhancing their life chances and happiness.

We have high ambitions for our young people and they are all able to make progress due to our extensive experience in supporting those with severe autism, dedication, high levels of staff training, cormmitment to providing the most appropriate environment for each young person and our desire to always strive for better.

Transforming Lives

student with staffWe support children and young adults from across the UK and abroad who are the most severely challenged by autism. For our young people life is extremely challenging and many of them reach us in crisis, when less specialist provisions are unable to meet their needs. Many are out of school or being taught in isolation and the pressure on their families is enormous.

Due to the high level and complexity of need, our first priority is to ensure that they are safe and healthy.

Through our specialist approach, adapted environment and expertise of staff we are able to help them make progress in all areas of their life - often for the first time.

Building autism expertise is fundamental to our success and we share this expertise with parents, families and professionals across the UK and worldwide.

Life skills

Our vocational programme begins as soon as a child joins the school with activities built around their strengths and interests. For example, practising the skills needed to fold laundry before working at a local national hotel chain; or taking an obsession with cleaning and developing that into an ability to work with the housekeeping team onsite before taking on a placement in the community.

All our young people are given the opportunity to develop a skill or learn something new to use in their every day life. Our extensive facilties and adapted environment mean that young people are able to experience real life opportunities and are encouraged to make choices according to their likes and skillset. This means they grow in confidence, develop new skills and have a real sense of achievement.

In the years our son has been at Prior's Court he has exceeded our wildest expectations for his development and most importantly has done this while in an environment that he loves, where he is happy and safe.

Parent of student at Prior's Court




You can download a copy of our Impact Report here.