To look back at the almost nonverbal little boy who was pretty much out of control and compare him to the young man with real skills in so many areas seems impossible to believe.

Parent of Prior's Court student

Just accessing the classroom is a major achievement for many of our students and may take months or even years. With patience, small steps and lots of motivation and reward, our young people are achieving in all areas.

Due to the individual and unique learning abilities of each student, results are looked at on an individual basis. This information provides an overview only.

In our 2016 annual parent survey:

100% graphic100% of parents said that since joining Prior's Court their child was making progress; that their child had made progress in learning to manage their sensory needs and their behaviour; and that their child had made progress in undertaking work placements.

94% graphic

94% said their child had made progress in lifeskills such as cooking and shopping. 


86% graphic 86% said their child had made progress with communication and choice making; accessing the community and in developing leisure skills.


The tables below show results in key areas of the curriculum. You can also download our impact report to find out more about the progress of our young people in all areas of their life.

Impact report

Literacy and Numeracy

The tables below show the overall results for key stages 2-4 and are shown as a percentage of the targets set.

The targets set are based on progression guidance and are aspirational in line with our ambitions for all young people. Each student has an individual target to aim for based on their previous year's performance and starting point.

% of students achieving good progress % of good achievers who are outstanding
Literacy:  93% 56%
Numeracy: 100% 70%

Literacy and Numeracy progress is broken down as follows:

% of students achieving good progress % of good achievers who are outstanding
Reading: 89% 54%
Writing: 74% 70%
Number: 81% 64%
Measurement: 93% 56%
Geometry: 96% 70%

Speaking and Listening

The majority of our young people are preverbal or use single words so in order to acknowledge their complex communication needs, we have created a bespoke tracking and analysis programme which enables us to show progression in line with national progression data.

Expected progress Better than expected progress Exceptional progress
70% 14% 7%

Find out more about the progress of students throughout each key stage below:

Primary - key stages 1 and 2

Secondary - key stages 3 and 4

Post 16 accreditation