Our Graduate Programme is designed to offer a structured, supported pathway to a career in care. The programme runs over an 18-month period, during which time you will undertake between three and five placements in various departments across the organisation, as well as completing a supplementary project to enhance the lives of our young people and our provision.

Your first placement as part of the Graduate Programme will be as an Autism Practitioner based within a Residential home. Here you will work directly with our young people, helping them meet their potential and promoting their independence. Everything we achieve is down to the commitment, dedication and specialised practice demonstrated by our team of Autism Practitioners and they are crucial role models in our young people's lives. This placement will last six months and will give you a solid insight into how we support our young people and why we have a worldwide reputation as experts in autism. Every 3-6 months thereafter you will move onto your next placement, giving you a different perspective and experience within the organisation. We aim to place you in the departments and areas that you are most interested in. 

The supplementary project must be on a subject which will enhance the lives of our young people and the provision provided at Prior’s Court. This could include a piece of academic research or the successful implementation of a new activity or venture for our young people. Successful applicants will be supported throughout their supplementary project, from identification of what their project could be about, through to delivery.

At the end of the 18 month programme you will be ready to apply for a permanent job within our Residential team.

Graduate programme placements