I was planning to run the midsummer half marathon in Reykjavik, 'under the radar', just to prove to myself that I can still get around 13.1 miles at the age of 58 with a smile on my face. That all changed this week, when I found out more about the work of this remarkable school in Berkshire that is paving the way for how children with autism can maximise their potential . They are innovative in their approach and have a number of exciting initiatives that include developing a bakery to help children develop real life skills for their future.The children have recently recorded a song which has over 1m views https://www.priorscourt.org.uk/letmeshine 

In the words of the inspirational founder Stephanie Shirley ' a mark of a civilised society is where the strong support the weak'.

So once again, I am asking my long suffering friends to think of me when they are going to bed on Friday 23rd June and to offer whatever they can.

Thank you,


Louise Smith