Education 14-25 years career pathway

The education and lifelong learning team are responsible for our young people within the school and learning centre environment – teaching vocational skills in our unique facilities. This includes baking in our artisan bakery, administration in our offices and IT Suites, gardening in our kitchen garden, grounds work on our estate and animal husbandry in our Countryside Learning Centre.

See how you could progress in your career at Prior's Court when you join our education and lifelong learning team.

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  • Autism Practitioner

    Autism Practitioners play a crucial role in supporting our young people to grow and develop encouraging each individual to achieve their aspirations and lead fulfilling and purposeful lives.

    Whether supporting young people in the classroom, on an outside trip or settling down to read a bedtime story, you will build an enduring bond with each young person you work with and go home each day knowing that you have made a real difference to their lives.

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  • Job Coach

    Our Job Coaches support and develop young people aged 16 – 25 as they follow a vocational curriculum that challenges them to achieve their full potential. You’ll be responsible for identifying and role-modelling activities and tasks that allow young people to develop their skills through the use of visual structure.

    You’ll also accompany each young person to their place of work, supporting them to complete their tasks and acting as a liaison for their employer. The work you do means that our young people can develop lifelong skills that support their future employment potential.

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  • Vocational Skills Instructor

    In conjunction with the Vocational Management Team, Vocational Skills Instructors are responsible for the day to day organisation of their team of Job Coaches. Role modelling outstanding working practices and ensuring the health and wellbeing of our young people whilst they develop their job-related skills.

    Using your experience and knowledge of supporting individuals with autism to develop work-based skills, you will support others to deliver excellent outcomes for young people aligned with their individual learning plans and development goals.

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  • Vocational Teacher

    Our Vocational Teachers deliver an ambitious vocational curriculum that uniquely supports and challenges each young person to achieve their full potential. This includes identifying and achieving accreditation for the vocational stream you lead as well as managing assessment, timetabling and planning of learning.

    You’ll also provide management and coaching support for Job Coaches, role modelling excellent practice in autism learning and care to develop key vocational skills that support our young people to access to employment opportunities.

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  • Experienced / Senior Teacher

    As an Experienced / Senior Teacher you are responsible for ensuring the overall health, wellbeing and progress of each young person in your educational setting. Managing a team of autism professionals and teachers, you will coach and mentor excellent practices and ensure that the provision of learning and care exceeds the quality standards as outlined by Ofsted/CQC.

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  • Accreditation Lead

    Accreditation Leads promote accreditation and qualification throughout our Waking Day curriculum, ensuring that all our learners are supported to achieve their individual accreditations or qualifications.

    They lead on the administration of our centre; supporting our assessors to identity assessment opportunities, ensuring compliance with mandatory paperwork, acting as our internal moderator and representing our centre to the accreditation provider.

  • Director of Education

    As part of the Executive team the Director of Education is responsible for creating and delivering the overall organisational strategy for education and lifelong learning. In conjunction with the Director of Care, developing the Prior Approach model and associated autism tools and techniques across all young people programmes. 

    Challenging operational management to ensure every young person and team member is being stretched to achieve outcomes beyond our imagination.