The Board of Trustees of Prior’s Court Foundation is seeking to appoint a new Trustee to succeed the current Chair of Trustees upon her retirement.

Key documents:
Chair of Trustees


Prior's Court was set up by Founding Patron Dame Stephanie Shirley, whose vision of a centre of excellence for children with autism became reality with the opening of Prior's Court School in 1999. We have since grown to support around 80 young people with autism aged between 5-25 years with the opening of Prior's Court Young Adult Provision in 2011.

We offer a range of specialist services within a residential children’s home, school and adult provision to support children and young people severely challenged by their autism


The successful candidate will be appointed as Chair Elect to enable a period of orientation and handover before taking over as the new Chair of Trustees in March 2018.

This role offers an exciting opportunity to work and lead one of the largest and most successful autism charities in the country, indeed internationally, with an outstanding reputation for innovation and care for young people with autism.

Trustees are appointed, as is the Chair, for a period of three years which can be extended up to a maximum of nine years in total.

See the Chair of Trustees document to find out more about the role.