Christmas is a magical time, but some of our young people simply can't go home to see their families. That's why we make it our mission every year to make their holidays as special as we can.

This year we have launched our festive fundraising campaign, 'We're Dreaming of a BRIGHT Christmas', to raise money for the bespoke lighting and other aspects of our Performing Arts Centre. But that's not all...

The lead up to Christmas

Young people at Prior's Court will have the opportunity to meet real-life reindeer, visit an on-site Grotto, participate in fun-tastic Christmas activities in the school and so much more.

Last year, each class got a visit from Santa, as they learned how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Watch the video below.

Reindeer visit

Santa also brought his reindeer to meet and greet the young people at Prior's Court, and a little birdy told us he'll be back again this year. These are just some of the ways we help make Christmas magical.

This was a welcome visit to our Countryside Learning Centre. Animal therapy has been shown to have numerous benefits for young people with autism, as well as the reindeer fur being a wonderful sensory experience.

Early Christmas dinner & presents

It wouldn't be Christmas without turkey! Last year we celebrated early while everyone was still on site, with generous helpings and all the trimmings. 

Of course we still serve Christmas dinner on the actual day, but for those who will be going home, it's a lovely celebration with their peers.

After dinner, Mrs Claus and her elves paid the young people a visit, with gifts a-plenty.

Stay tuned to see our 2023 festive celebrations.

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