We use a range of strategies to support young people to learn to self-manage their behaviour. All behaviour is seen as a form of communication and is managed in a positive, proactive way. 

Our goal is to teach young people to substitute challenging behaviour with more appropriate behaviour and communication, and reward good behaviour with praise and the use of positive motivators. 

Each young person has a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) plan which includes proactive and reactive strategies to support them in learning to self-manage behaviour and ensures a consistent approach is employed throughout the Waking Day. Plans are regularly reviewed and discussed by the key people in that young person's life. This can also be an opportunity to discuss appropriate 'I Can' skills that the young person can work on to gain independence in a key area. 

Strategies are carefully considered by all staff concerned, often in consultation with the parents. 

Prior's Court has adopted the 'Team-Teach approach of using de-escalation and positive management techniques. Further details about Team-Teach can be found in other areas of our website.

Regular exercise and the use of areas of open space within our site are also part of the strategies to reduce anxieties and learn to self-calm. 

Behaviour management is an important part of the education for young people at Prior's Court, making it one of our seven Areas of Learning, seven key areas of education we prioritise teaching our young people as part of the Prior's Court Learning Framework. 

Learn more about our Positive Behaviour Support Area of Learning.