Records show that incidents of challenging behaviour decrease rapidly once a pupil has been at the school for a short time.

Ofsted inspection report, November 2017

Prior’s Court has a range of strategies to support students in learning to self-manage behaviour. All behaviour is seen as a form of communication and is managed in a positive way, teaching students to substitute challenging behaviour with more appropriate behaviour and communication and rewarding good behaviour by praise and the use of positive motivators. We do not use punitive methods to maintain behaviour.

Each student has a Pupil Support Plan which includes proactive and reactive strategies to support them in learning to self-manage behaviour. It is reviewed regularly by the psychology team, home manager, keyworker, class teacher and other professionals within the school. Strategies are carefully considered by all staff concerned, often in consultation with parents. This plan ensures a consistent approach to behaviour management is employed throughout the Waking Day and we have had considerable success with our students in this area. We have adopted the Team-Teach approach using de-escalation and positive management techniques, further details of which may be obtained from the Director of Education and Learning or Director of Care.

A key element in supporting student’s behaviour is the use of the TEACCH system of structured teaching with structure in the organisation of the day and layout of classroom and living spaces. Regular exercise and the use of areas of space within the school campus are also part of the strategies to reduce anxieties and learn to self-calm.

Our son had a lot of behavioural problems and was self injurious. He would bite his hand when he was anxious or bang his head. He had no way of communicating and was therefore extremely frustrated as a young boy. The methodology was one of the main reasons we chose Prior’s Court and the structure. The Waking Day curriculum and the high staff to pupil ratio also helped to convince us it was the right school for him. The regular breaks for physical activity, and everything being all on one site, The staff, the warmth, trust and friendliness – we fell in love with Prior’s Court. It felt good from day one.

Parent of Prior's Court student