The arts are extremely well promoted. There are frequent visits by drama companies who use the school’s theatre to present plays in ways that pupils can engage with.

Ofsted Education inspection report, January 2018

spud & yam musicians

Involving our young people in the arts is a crucial part of our curriculum and their waking day. Up to 80% of young people are preverbal and the arts provision at the school offers a powerful means of communicating individual’s needs, expressions and feelings. Students are able to explore art, music, dance and drama, in an environment that is supportive and encouraging. 

All young people have an entitlement to a range of high quality experiences in all arts subjects in each year of school, whatever their background or ability. Creativity is not bound by language or social conventions but can be expressed in many alternative sensory and communicative forms.

Read how through drumming workshops, which were added to our curriculum in 2019, music has changed the lives of two of our young people:

Impact of drumming casestudy

There are many opportunities throughout the year for students to indulge in arts related activities, for example: painting paper plates for Chinese New Year, musical performances for St Patrick's Day and theatrical performances by touring theatre company M&M Theatricals.

Below are just a selection of the arts related events taking place throughout the school year:

  • Music for Autism - April and December
  • Student paintingArts and Culture Week - July and October
  • Spud & Yam (part of St Patrick's Day celebrations) - March
  • M&M Theatricals pantomime performances - 4 times throughout the year

You can also visit our Celebrating Culture page to see more examples of students engaging with the arts for cultural festivals and events.


We are delighted that Prior's Court has been awarded Artsmark Gold for the second time. Artsmark is an award from the Arts Council of England, "inspiring learning through arts by giving every child the opportunity to create, compose, and perform, gain knowledge and understanding."

Prior's Court Founding Patron, Dame Stephanie Shirley felt very strongly about the benefit of art to our young people and has enriched the environment with sculptures and paintings that provide multisensory experiences for all.

We also supporting our students to embrace dance through our work with a Dance and Movement Therapist. The core principles of ‘Dance therapy’ including mirroring, attunement and embodiment are used to support students to develop a trusting therapeutic relationship within a safe environment.

...children and young people have continuous access to a wider range of challenging arts and cultural experiences that are stretching their knowledge, skills and understanding.

Artsmark Gold Award 2019