On the Prior's Court Graduate Programme we offer a comprehensive training and development package that will provide you with the support you need from day one. 

We are internationally recognised as experts in autism and have our own methodology called ‘The Prior Approach’. We aim for you to become an expert at supporting the complex needs of young people with severe autism and are committed to delivering a thorough training programme of the highest quality that will ensure you have all skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in care. 

Over the 18 months programme, your training and qualifications could include;

  • Corporate 3-week induction – everything you need to know before you go into the homes and meet our incredible young people. This includes our approach to autism.
  • Industry Specific Qualifications – Level 3 Diplomas in Childcare (a statutory requirement for care sector) and Level 5 Diploma in Residential Management in support of your career development.
  • Management Development Programme – our specially designed and personalised investment in our care managers.
  • Internationally recognised autism training in the TEACCH methodology which will equip you in your journey to become an autism expert.
  • Nationally Recognised Management Qualification - another excellent opportunity to support your career in care.

Throughout the Graduate programme we aim to offer a personalised approach to your learning and qualifications, and fully support your journey to further your career in care.