Although I knew nothing about autism, I was given lots of training.

One of the reasons our young people are able to make such progress is due to the diversity of our staff teams whose cultural and career backgrounds are as broad and valuable as their personalities, skills and experience.

Our specialist approach is key to each young person's progress and we aim to make every one of our staff an expert in supporting young people severely affected by autism. We employ staff with backgrounds in psychology, social care, therapy, engineering, teaching, special needs education and many more. We also have a talented team working behind the scenes to support Prior's Court aims in areas such as Admissions, Marketing, HR & Training, IT, Finance, Housekeeping and Estates. 

Priors Court Autism Practitioner and young person using virtual reality headsetTo work within our care teams, you don’t necessarily need qualifications or previous work experience to join us and start or enhance your career. We provide comprehensive training to make sure we always achieve the best results for our young people.

It also doesn’t matter about your background, age or knowledge of autism. What’s really important to us are your values and attitude towards working with young people who need extra care, education and support.

What makes a good Autism Practitioner?

  • Are you looking for a rewarding career where you can make a difference in young people’s lives?
  • Are you patient, resilient and adaptable?
  • Do you enjoy working with young people with special needs?
  • Are you looking for flexible working hours and shift patterns to suit your lifestyle?

If you answered yes to the above questions then you could be exactly what our young people need to make progress and feel supported in overcoming the challenges they face. It's not just Autism Practitioners who make a difference though, every single staff member, whether working directly with our young people or not, plays a part in the progress we make.

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Having come from a non-care background I was seeking a new career but didn’t know what. I was inspired by Prior’s Court’s aim which is helping young people to achieve to their greatest potential. Although I knew nothing about autism, I was given lots of training. Most importantly I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge from our young people as they are the real teachers.

Home Manager at Prior's Court