Curriculum Overview

Students follow an individualised curriculum, adapted to ensure it is both functional and meaningful.Read more

Key Areas of Learning

Students follow an individualised curriculum delivered through project themes across nine key areas of learning.Read more

Progress overview

Through our individualised curriculum, patience, small steps and lots of motivation and reward, our young people are achieving in all areas.Read more

Primary progress

Results from the Primary students demonstrate high achievements across all areas, in particular numeracy.Read more

Secondary progress

The secondary department promotes independence focusing on developing life and vocational skills with emphasis on learning through experience.Read more

Pre 16 Accreditation

Students gain accreditation through ASDAN - a curriculum development organisation offering qualifications and skills for life regardless of ability.Read more

Post 16 Curriculum

The post 16 curriculum offers students a range of person centered learning opportunities, which could include work placements and appropriate accreditation.Read more

Post 16 Accreditation

Each post 16 student has an accreditation learning pathway that supports the best possible outcomes.Read more

British Values

As part of a broad curriculum we promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of young people, including British values as set out by the Government.Read more