Progress overview

Through our individualised curriculum, patience, small steps and lots of motivation and reward, our young people are achieving in all areas. Read more

Primary progress

Results from the Primary students demonstrate high achievements across all areas, in particular numeracy. Read more

Secondary progress

The secondary department promotes independence focusing on developing life and vocational skills with emphasis on learning through experience. Read more

Pre 16 Accreditation

Students gain accreditation through ASDAN - a curriculum development organisation offering qualifications and skills for life regardless of ability. Read more

Key Curriculum Area: Celebrating Culture

As part of the curriculum students are encouraged to learn about new cultures and celebrate key religious and national celebrations and events throughout the year. Read more

Key Curriculum Area: Art, Music, Dance, Drama

Involving young people in the arts is a crucial part of the waking day curriculum. Students are able to explore art, music, dance and drama in an environment that is supportive and encouraging. Read more