Our Impact

Due to the high level and complexity of need, our priority is to ensure that young people are safe and healthy. From there we work to enable progress in all areas of their lives. Read more

Autism Expertise

Part of what makes our approach so successful is the high level of expertise staff maintain. A strong focus on training ensures staff have a variety of strategies to suit the individual's needs. Read more

Specialist Facilities

The residential accommodation and educational facilities have been carefully designed to provide a welcoming environment which reflects the special needs of pupils with autism. Read more

The Waking Day

The most crucial factor for achieving success is the consistency of approach which enables learning to take place throughout the waking day and in all settings. Read more

Towards Independence

A major focus of the curriculum is on developing independent living skills taught in a way that is meaningful and functional and provides real life experiences for students. Read more

Structured Teaching

Using the world renowned TEACCH system we are able to support young people throughout every element of their waking day, including the layout of classrooms, work and living spaces. Read more


Students have access to a team of onsite therapists across multiple disciplines enabling a co-ordinated and consistent programme of education and care to suit the individual's needs. Read more

A Healthy, Active Life

We believe vigorous exercise improves sleep and attention patterns, releases excess energy, provides opportunities for social interaction and is part of the repertoire for calming when agitated. Read more

Behaviour Management

All behaviour is seen as a form of communication and is managed in a positive way, helping to substitute challenging behaviour with more appropriate behaviour and communication. Read more