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Prior Insight

Prior’s Court has the opportunity to develop the first digital whole organisational recording and reporting system for children and young people with autism. Prior Insight will provide new insights and a better understanding of autism to enhance support. Read more

Countryside Learning Centre Appeal

Our Countryside Learning Centre is a unique and integrated part of care, education and learning at Prior's Court. With paddocks, animal therapy and a bespoke classroom, each student can benefit in a different way. Read more

Our Bakery Appeal

Please donate to our Bakery Appeal to help us to build, equip and staff our own Artisan Bakery on site, creating real employment opportunities for our young people severely affected by their autism. Read more

General Donations to Prior's Court

Every donation to Prior's Court, no matter how big or small, will help build a future for children and young people with severe autism. We are incredibly grateful for your support, thank you. Read more