Two of Prior’s Court’s young adults have launched a new muffin baking business – S and R Catering. Their customers include staff and visitors to Prior's Court and sales are building fast.

We have high ambitions for the young people at Prior’s Court, all of whom have autism and learning difficulties, and aim to build on each individual’s strengths and interests in order to maximise their potential. As Sonny and Reuben both demonstrated a keen interest in cooking as part of their person-centered timetable, Instructor for Vocational and Lifelong Learning, Jan Curtin recognised an opportunity to develop this interest further into a supported work placement and S and R Catering was born!  

Sonny and Reuben visited local supermarkets to price ingredients and price the muffins.  They then made samples which they handed out free in order to promote the launch and ensure the success of their venture.

S and R Catering enables Sonny and Reuben to use many of the skills they have learnt at Prior’s Court. Each week, Reuben and Sonny:

  • Collect completed order forms from various locations at Prior's Court 
  • Count how many of each type of muffins they need to make
  • Follow the visual recipe and instructions to make the muffins independently
  • Write the name of the person ordering on each bag
  • Deliver the muffins across the site
  • Request and collect the money 
  • Count the money
  • Enjoy a muffin at their end of session meeting.

Jan Curtin, Instructor for Vocational and Lifelong Learning said:

“This venture gives Reuben and Sonny, not only the opportunity to develop their cooking skills, but also the opportunity to practice their numeracy, literacy, social and communication skills in a practical way. They are encouraged to work together as a team, share their equipment and ingredients, as well as speak to their customers when making their deliveries.”

More photos of S and R catering are available on our Facebook page.