A whole range of new recipes have been taught in our Catering and Hospitality vocational stream this term – with some ultra-local ingredients used too.
Over the past seven weeks, more recipes have been introduced into lessons in the stream, with some fantastic results.

The new recipes have been designed to give our young people the opportunity to develop their skills using new equipment in the kitchen, extend their concentration for longer periods of time, and taste different types of food.
Developing and generalising skills in the kitchen is vital in enhancing the independence of our young people, as well as providing an outlet for expression.
Some of the ingredients used have been grown in the garden of Charlotte House (our off-site young adult provision home in the nearby village of Hermitage), with the items picked that morning ready for use in class.
Catering and Hospitality vocational teacher and Charlotte House education group tutor, Serena said: “It has been brilliant to see so many of the young people engaged and excited about new things.”
There were plenty of young people who were delighted with their culinary creations, shown either by some broad smiles or indicating on a "like/ dislike" board.