An all-singing, all-dancing pantomime show has delighted, engaged and enthralled our young people.

M&M Theatricals paid a return visit to Prior’s Court on October 17, putting on two performances of their take on the fairytale Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Regular visitors to Prior’s Court, the M&M Theatricals’ two shows were full of music, song, dance and, of course, a happy ending.

Sue Piper, Prior’s Court Director of Education, said: “It is always a pleasure to welcome M&M Theatricals to Prior’s Court. The performers adapt so well to the feedback they receive during the show from our young people which provides an even more interactive and engaging experience.

“Our young people always enjoy the experience and this time around was no different – there were so many smiles on the faces of everyone in the audience.

“Not only do our young people take a huge amount of joy from the experience – which of course is important – but it complements how we use music, song and dance in our curriculum and the positive benefits these bring.

“As the majority of our young people are pre-verbal, a strong arts provision can provide a powerful means of communication and expression. It was also brilliant to see how M&M Theatricals weaved signing into parts of the performances too, as to provide another way to engage with our young people.”

Natalie, M&M Theatricals tour manager, said: “It was such fun. It was great to see the young people enjoy the performances and get involved too, especially with the dancing and the signing. Prior’s Court is absolutely part of our family!

“This was our first time here as a group of four and we wanted to make sure that everyone enjoyed it as much as they had in the past.”