The latest stop in a band’s nationwide tour has been Prior’s Court, to use the power of music to empower young people with severe autism.

Long-time supporters of Prior’s Court, Low Island, visited on Wednesday, 27 November to put on a day of musical workshops with our young people. SubMotion Productions joined Low Island to capture the magic on the day.

The sessions focused on giving the opportunity to our young people to play musical instruments, learn new skills and interact with professional musicians. 

The Oxfordshire-based band concluded the visit with a show of cover songs, as well as a performance of Let Me Shine, the single the band recorded with major contributions from young people and staff at Prior’s Court.

Sue Piper, Director of Education at Prior’s Court, said: “It has been a wonderful experience working with Low Island over what is now more than three years and we were delighted to welcome them back to Prior’s Court.

“Music is a way of expressing yourself, and while some of our young people may be pre-verbal, music can give them a voice. This is a fact Low Island have tapped into from day one of their work with us.

“You could see just how much the young people, and indeed all four of the boys from Low Island, were enjoying themselves.

“A massive thank you to Low Island from everyone at Prior’s Court.”

The visit to Prior’s Court came as the band enters the latter stages of a tour which has included shows in Liverpool, Manchester and London with a homecoming gig in Oxford and a performance in Barcelona to come.

Low Island said: “We wanted to make an interactive experience at Prior’s Court for all of the young people to be able to have a chance to play different musical instruments and, crucially, have a lot of fun! It also gave us as a band the chance to perform Let Me Shine and some covers which the school would know and be able to be involved with.

“We’ve learnt so much on this journey with Prior’s Court, not least about autism, but also about music’s ability to forge relationships and help those who struggle to communicate and express themselves.

“Part of the idea behind the workshop was to try to get the young people to interact with us and each other through music, and it was a real joy to watch them have so much fun in the process.

“Music has the power to create a really positive environment for everybody, and provides a space for people to come out of their shell and feel safe to be expressive.

“It has been amazing over these past three years to see the progress in the young people; we have watched them develop in what is truly an extraordinary place, and it was been a privilege to be a small part of that journey.”

Low Island wrote Let Me Shine, with lyrical contributions from Prior’s Court young people, their families, and staff members, to mark World Autism Awareness Day in August 2017. It was performed by the band, young people and Prior’s Court staff members. The video amassed some 3m views worldwide and the single was re-recorded at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios last year by Low Island and Prior’s Court staff members and young people, alongside the Cheshire Firefighter’s Choir and other musicians.

The process has been eloquently written about by Low Island recently.