Gifts, decorations and even upcycled furniture which young people at Prior’s Court have helped to create have gone on sale at a pop-up shop in Reading.

Prior’s Court is working with Artisans Handmade UK, a collective of artisans and crafters, which has recently opened a pop-up shop in The Oracle shopping centre, Reading.

There are a wide range of handmade festive items from Prior’s Court on sale in the shop including Christmas cards and wrapping paper, alongside quirky gifts and Advent calendars.

Meanwhile, two items of upcycled furniture which have been worked on using the woodworking tools and facilities in our on-site Skills Centre are also on sale.

Young people at Prior’s Court have contributed to the creation of every item on sale in our section of the shop via their lessons as part of our vocational streams approach to post-16 education.

These lessons are focused specifically on developing, practicing and generalising vocational skills which are geared towards helping our young people to secure employment in the future.

Monies from every sale will be used by Prior’s Court staff to purchase more raw materials for new products, ensuring our young people continue to develop their vocational skills.

Charlie Harris, Vocational Teacher who arranged our participation in the shop with Artisans Handmade UK, said: “Our young people have contributed at all stages to the items on display in the pop-up shop – from making the cards to pricing up and every stage of the upcycling furniture process.

“A huge thank you to Kellie Henderson from Artisans Handmade UK for her support and allowing us to be a part of the pop-up shop.

“We’re very excited to show shoppers at The Oracle not only the skills and abilities of our young people, but also what Prior’s Court is all about – empowering and enabling young people affected by severe autism to live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives.”

UPDATE - In line with the government announcement on Saturday, 31 October, the Artisans Handmade UK pop-up shop, as a non-essential retail store, will temporarily close from Thursday, 5 November.