A long-time supporter of Prior’s Court has moved a refurbishment project one step closer to fruition.

A cheque for £1,756.55 from the Hungerford branch of Newbury Building Society was presented at the end of January.

The funds were raised throughout 2019 – as Prior's Court was the branch’s Charity of the Year – through a variety of activities, including via Newbury Building Society’s charity savings account option, where the organisation pays a 0.4% donation to the customer’s charity of choice on an annual basis.

The funding will go towards a refurbishment of the school playground.

The project involves installing bright, colourful shelters and furniture in the playground which can be used for leisure during break times, but also potentially for outdoor lessons

Karen White, our Head of Fundraising, said: “Newbury Building Society has long been a supporter of Prior’s Court and we are incredibly grateful for their donation and their support. We were also thrilled to hear that the Hungerford branch will continue to support us as their partner charity for 2020.

“Refurbishing this playground will significantly impact the day-to-day lives of the young people we support at Prior’s Court, offering a more visually appealing, flexible space as well as shelter from the elements all year-round for those students and staff who wish to spend extended periods of time outside.”

As well as choosing Prior’s Court as their charity partner, Newbury Building Society staff have visited us to take on voluntary work across our 50-acre site.

Jane Bosher, Senior Branch Manager at Newbury Building Society’s Newbury, Thatcham and Hungerford branches, said: “It was a pleasure to present Prior’s Court with a cheque for over £1,700. The team at the Hungerford branch worked tirelessly throughout 2019 to support Prior’s Court and raise as much money as possible for such a worthwhile cause. Not only do we raise funds, we also volunteer and happily complete those tasks which Prior’s Court needs a helping hand with.

“We are delighted to continue our partnership supporting Prior’s Court into 2020 and look forward to another successful year working together for the benefit of its young people.”

To donate to the playground refurbishment project, go to thegoodexchange.com/project/14795/priors-court-foundation/playground-enhancement or search for ‘Prior’s Court’ on thegoodexchange.com.