Bagpipes, treasure hunts, sports activities and fire engines were the order of the day as end of year celebrations took place for students last Friday (29th July).

Bagpipe music kicked off the day with a familiar face amongst the band members! Assistant Headteacher, Young Adult Provision, Lesley Copland played the drum as the band marched around the grounds. Then students took part in a fundraising Olympic themed treasure hunt, which raised over £2,000 and involved young people and their families collecting a treasure map and following the clues to various coloured Olympic rings that were stationed around the site. This gave students and their families the opportunity to explore the site together, including the woods, the Countryside Learning Centre, the track, playground and the outdoor gym. Students then matched a coloured symbol of the correct Olympic ring and were given a sticker in return. Once they’d matched all the symbols and collected all five coloured stickers, they could then return to the start of the treasure hunt to collect their prize, which was a snack of their choice chosen through the use of a choice board. It was a great opportunity for families to get involved in the day's activity with their child, there was a lot of walking to encourage physical exercise and everyone had a great time.

The fun and exercise didn't stop there! Our annual Sport’s Day followed the treasure hunt with a carousel of activities including: long jump, an assault course, golf, javelin, the ladder (running up and down a raised ladder on the floor as many times as possible in a minute) and football (kicking a ball into the goal as many times as they could in a minute). Young people competed against each other to get the top record on each activity and some of the staff even got competitive as well!

Students also enjoyed a visit from Newbury Fire Brigade who invited young people to sit in their truck and try on their fireman’s helmets for size. It was beautiful weather and everyone had a wonderful day celebrating the end of a busy year. We wish all leavers the best of luck and always look forward to hearing how they're getting on whilst welcoming new and existing students back to the school in September.

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