Following an 18 month inquiry, the House of Commons Education Select Committee has issued a report stating that a generation of young people with special educational needs and disabilities is failing to receive the support it deserves.

The report slams poor implementation of proposed reforms, outlining how families are facing a bureaucratic system which lacks accountability.

Responding to the report, Prior's Court Chief Executive Mike Robinson said; "Although grim reading, we welcome the House of Commons Education Select Committee report into the implementation of the 2014 SEN reforms, which has highlighted the many shortfalls of the existing SEN education system.

"As a residential school for young people severely affected by autism and other complex needs, at Prior's Court we all too often we see first hand the struggles parents have to endure to access the provision their child needs.

"They are simply asking for their children to have the same opportunities as every other child; enabling them to grow and develop to enjoy a healthy, happy and independent adult life with real prospects of having a job. It seems so unfair they have to fight so hard, at every step of the SEN process to achieve this goal.

"We look forward to the government's response to the report and their commitment to take actions which will help improve the lives of children with special educational needs."

Find out more about the report here.