The standard of care at Prior’s Court has been praised by Ofsted with the awarding of a ‘good’ rating, making it three years in a row this grade has been achieved.

Inspectors paid a two-day visit to Prior’s Court in June to observe and document the standards of our homes for young people up to the age of 19

Following this, a report has been published rating the quality of social care provision as ‘good’, retaining the rating last earned following an inspection in October 2018.

Extracts of the report read: “Children make good progress through their strong relationships with staff.

“Staff displayed a genuine warmth towards the children and managed their anxieties extremely well. Staff’s patience is a particular strength.

“…there is strong consideration of children’s individual identity and culture.

“Parents, social workers and other professionals were consistently positive. One parent said her son’s ‘body language is that he is always happy’, and that ‘the staff really just get him and understand him well’.

“Staff…have access to a wealth of resources to support the personal development and knowledge of children.

“Staff encourage children to lead healthy lifestyles and to understand what this means for them.  Excellent joint working with nursing and therapy teams ensures that children have their physical and emotional well-being needs met.

 “Children… feel safe and confident in their environment.

“Staff say they are well supported and can access senior staff at all times. They have specialist training in order to meet the needs of the children they care for.

“Managers are seeking to continually improve the quality of the care for children and the systems used across the organisation.”

Sarah Butcher, director of care, said: “It is hugely satisfying to see the efforts made by staff across the organisation have been recognised by Ofsted in this report.

“Everything we do at Prior’s Court is geared to giving our young people the tools to progress and be able to independently lead their best possible lives. Therefore, it is also reassuring to see Ofsted inspectors noted the progress our young people make and the fact this stems from having good relationships with our staff.

“We will continue to strive to give the best possible care to our young people.”

Read the full Ofsted care report here.

Our school function remains rated as ‘outstanding’, achieved following an Ofsted inspection in November 2017.