Over the past two weeks, our young people been offered the opportunity to contribute to the piece of artwork which features the colours red, yellow and green (the Pan-African colours) and a central motif of the raised fist symbol.

Our young people were invited to stick coloured fabric balls to the artwork which has created a 3D visual effect to the piece.

The artwork is bordered by images of influential historical figures such as political activist Bobby Seale, politician Shirley Chisholm (the first African-American woman elected to the United States Congress), soul and jazz poet Gil Scott-Heron, and tennis champion Althea Gibson.

An important part of our approach is for young people to learn about culture through creative activities and sensory experiences, which also contribute to the development of motor and social skills – such as with this piece of artwork.

Thank you to all staff who supported our young people to contribute to this brilliant piece of work.