We have bid a fond farewell to young adult George.

George has been with us since 2006, going through both School and the Young Adult Provision, and he has now transitioned onto his new provision.

George built strong bonds with a huge number of staff members, creating lifelong memories.

About George, Sue Piper, Director of Education, said: “My memories were of the boy who arrived in what was ‘Orange Class’ for the youngest young people at Prior’s Court School.

“I spent most my spare money on any Disney books I could find so that I knew I could keep George focused on the task in return for his special books! I think the love of Disney never changed and going to Euro Disney must have been a dream come true!

“I also remember teaching George how to wait using a sand timer as the measure of something finishing. I had to smile when I was teaching him some maths skills and he turned over the egg timer to let me know that he was ready for the lesson to finish! George always found a way to let you know want he wanted!!

“I still think George remembers me as his teacher and I get the impression that sometimes he used to avoid me in order to avoid the ‘rules’ I may have set!

“The support from George’s family was always super and I admired their determination to ensure George received many wonderful opportunities."