Kaitlin is the sister of a young adult who lives at our Young Adult Provision.

This is her story:

"My brother has severe autism and complex learning difficulties that resulted in him going into care nine years ago. The past nine years have been a blessing and a struggle, our family staying safe from his increasingly aggressive behaviour was extremely important, however Jamie leaving left me feeling pretty lost at a young age. Seeing Jamie develop into the most incredible young man over the last few years has been one of the proudest things I have witnessed and it is all down to Prior's Court.

"Prior's Court is the care home Jamie lives and they have never faltered in their care for him - they cater to Jamie’s individual needs. His interest in the performing arts has come from his love to entertain and be in the spotlight, and it is something Prior's Court have taken in their stride and provided Jamie with incredible opportunities, including learning to play the drums, and recording at Abbey Road Studios.

"Their current facilities have enabled Jamie and the other young people to take these opportunities, however a new plan to increase and expand these facilities would allow Jamie to continue to flourish: I want Jamie to be able to do exactly what he wants, perform on stage or in a TV series, but above all I want him to continue making me the proudest sister as he proves to everyone that autism hasn’t forced him to be someone different. 

"Thank you to Priors Court for everything, Jamie would not have been able to achieve what he has without your support."

Check out her JustGiving page

Kaitlin has starred in a film with Prior's Court talking about her experiences of having a sibling with complex autism:

Kaitlin has also written more extensively about her family’s story.