A fantastic group from Tanium were carrying on the great work our last group from Vodafone started in our apple orchard. On Tuesday, 4 June, these fabulous volunteers got their hands dirty weeding the rest of our baby apple trees in our growing orchard.

They worked hard mowing, weeding, and strimming the areas around the young trees in order to prevent their growth being stifled.

Not even the dreary weather could dampen the spirits of this amazing group – they managed to clear many trees, ensuring more of them bear fruit in the future.

The eventual aim with this orchard is for the autistic people with complex needs we support to be able to harvest the apples and juice them as part of our vocational learning programme.

Their hard work has also made sure that the rest of the orchard is easier to access, enabling our young people to look after a greater number of the trees during their horticulture lessons and practice their skills.